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Are you in search of a secure storage space? Look no further. Ashlee Fence Company is committed to providing exceptional products and services, starting with our knowledgeable staff. We’ll assist you in selecting a storage space that meets your unique requirements and budget, ensuring your belongings remain secure. 

Our storage spaces are crafted with superior steel and available in various sizes to accommodate any storage or vehicle necessity. This implies that you can acquire a storage space that will function in nearly every circumstance—safeguarding your watercraft, shielding tools from inclement weather, or even defending your automobile against theft!

Metal Garages in Dayton & Cincinnati
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Why Install a Metal Garage?

Top 4 Reasons to Get a Metal Garage

Fast and Easy Installation

Metal garages are easier to install than other garages. They do not require special tools or equipment and can often be erected by one person. This means you will not have to hire professional help when installing one, saving you money.

Superior Durability

Metal garages are more durable than wood or vinyl structures, making them ideal for protecting your valuable possessions from harsh weather conditions such as rain and snow. A metal garage’s walls, roof, and flooring have a long lifespan and can endure for numerous years without requiring replacement. As a result, you won’t need to be concerned about replacing them anytime shortly after making a purchase!

Worry-Free Maintenance

Metal garages don’t require regular upkeep like wood or vinyl doors. You won’t need to paint or stain your garage door yearly, which means less maintenance and hassle.

Greater Safety

Metal garages are incredibly safe because they’re fire-resistant, so if your garage catches fire, the flames will be contained by the walls of your home instead of spreading throughout the structure. This makes it easier for firefighters to put out a blaze before too much damage is done.

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Our financing program is simple and the approval process is easy. 

Don’t allow financial constraints to stifle your desire to obtain the fence or gate of your dreams. Why not reach out to the Ashlee Fence Company today to learn more about our financing program and get started on your project right away!

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We are dedicated to providing top-notch fencing and gate solutions along with exceptional customer service. However, we don’t expect you to take our word for it. Take a look at what some of our satisfied customers have to say about their experience with us:

jason utz
jason utz
Great communication throughout the whole process. We love the finished product. Highly recommended.
Patsy King
Patsy King
The entire crew at Ashlee Fence is top notch and professional. They removed our existing wood fence and replaced it with a new cedar wood fence. This was all done in the month of February! Ohio weather usually isn't cooperative, but they took advantage of a few nice days and got the job done! The team stayed in constant contact, which is customer service at its finest.
Jennifer Cameron
Jennifer Cameron
Installers were very professional. The whole experience was smooth and uneventful. My only complaint would be that they charge a large fee if paying by card. I went old school and wrote a check for my final payment. Also, the salesperson who came over initially and gave me my quote did not bring any samples of materials or offer any options. Also he made a few error on the drawings. But he was very nice and fixed the drawing error right away.
Jeffrey Schafers
Jeffrey Schafers
Evin was great to work with!! Smooth transaction and crew was great too 💥
Becky Bunnell
Becky Bunnell
Very happy with installation. The two guys did a good job & made sure they were doing what we wanted. They were professional & personable.
Melanie Nickell
Melanie Nickell
Such a great company to interact with and a job well done. They let us put a deposit down 4 months in advance (with the guarantee of no rate increase) so we could have our fence done the week our new house was built. We love our new Kentucky board fence, highly recommend!
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Commonly Asked Questions

FAQ: Common Metal Garage Questions

Yes, metal garages can be insulated. Insulation can be added to a metal garage's walls, ceiling, and doors to help regulate the temperature and prevent heat loss. This can be particularly important if the garage is used for storage or as a workshop, as insulation can help protect any items or tools stored inside from extreme temperatures. Several types of insulation can be used in a metal garage, including fiberglass, foam board, and spray foam insulation. The specific type of insulation best for a particular garage will depend on factors such as the climate, the intended use, and the budget.
A metal garage can add value to a home, but it ultimately depends on various factors, such as the garage's location, size, and quality. A garage can increase a home's value, providing a safe and secure place to store vehicles, tools, and other valuable items. A metal garage can be affordable and durable for homeowners needing additional storage space or a workshop area. However, the value added by a metal garage may vary depending on the location and real estate market. In some areas, having a garage may be considered a necessity, while in others, it may not be as important. Additionally, the size and quality of the metal garage can impact its value, as a larger, more well-built garage may be more attractive to potential buyers. Ultimately, having a metal garage can add value to a home, but it is one factor among many that can impact a home's overall value.
Yes, metal garages can be painted. Painting a metal garage can help protect it from rust and other types of corrosion and improve its appearance. Before painting a metal garage, it is essential to properly prepare the surface by cleaning it and removing any rust or other debris.

This can be done using a wire brush or sandpaper; any loose paint or rust should be scrapped. A primer specifically designed for metal surfaces is also essential before applying the paint. Applying this will aid in the adherence of paint to the metal and furnish a more robust finish. When choosing paint for a metal garage, selecting a paint designed for use on metal surfaces is essential. Doing this ensures that the paint adheres accurately and provides the intended level of safeguarding. Choosing a paint designed to withstand exposure to the elements may also be beneficial, particularly if the garage will be exposed to sunlight or harsh weather conditions. Overall, with the proper preparation and choice of paint, a metal garage can be painted to improve its appearance and protect it from damage.
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